Humble beginnings

I was raised in an extremely structured religious environment. This narrowly defined my world view in my formative years. After leaving high school I embarked on some overseas travel and separated myself from this structure giving me space to define myself. The course of the next 10 years has redefined my world view based on my own experiences. This has not been an easy process as I essentially lost my support network of friends and family in this process. The road was lonely and fraught with many challenges. But I held a knowing in my heart that I was not destined to walk the path my parents and society have chosen for me.

A year ago I quite my job and set out on a journey to explore the depths of my consciousness. I had the so called perfect life, stable well paid job, amazing friends, a Sydney harbour side apartment and was a national sporting representative for Australia. But these achievements didn’t explain the deeper aspect of life.
I had grown tired of the perpetual patterns that I felt were holding me back. They seem to be unconscious reactions to the events that present themselves in life. The reality was, I was a puppet to the whims of my mind, if I perceived a situation or event in a certain way it changed my whole reality. How could I change my perceptions?
How much do we know about ourselves in the grand scheme of things. What are we taught about self enquiry, intimacy and connection? Are we actually autonomous individuals or just clones of our environment? We are born into a social structure and that structure defines an extremely large portion of our world view.

So how do we deepen our connection to our true selves? What do we do to look inside and differentiate the truth about who we really are and who we have been told we are? I believe that my adventure into the wide world would provide me with some insights into gaining this knowledge.

The strength I found was in the growth and expansion I felt when I explored the new understandings of the world and my mind. I was fortunate to meet some key people on the journey that helped him to make sense of all the things I was experiencing.

So I embarked on a year of exploration where I could delve into the more esoteric questions in life and deepen my understanding of the inner self. This journey took me to Bali, Thailand, India and now South Africa. Along the way I have explored Tantra, meditation, yoga, reiki, breath work, the work of Byron Katie and living in an eco village.

This adventure has led me to develop my own beliefs because of the experiences I have had. These could be completely irrational or absolute brilliance. We never truely have certainty about anything in life right? So we navigate our way through this relational field and learn through experience doing the best we can with the information we have collected through experience…


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