In a recent encounter with an ex girlfriend I experienced how powerful silence can be. I stopped talking because I realised that our words were also just a dance, we had said all that needed to be said, it was now time for our souls to connect and words were just getting in the way. They would muddy the waters of the few hours that we still had left.

The experience of sitting in silence had a profound effect on me. I was able to centre myself and sit with power in the face of the storm that was raging inside me. The storm passed and quietened with the silence that spoke volumes between us. To sit in silence with another you are connected to and are about to disconnect with is one of the most powerful things I have ever done. It allowed us to feel the other exactly as they are and not how we projected or wanted them to feel. There was no room for excuses just a deep expansive truth that was felt in each others hearts. This truth was what we both needed to hear. For each their own truth looked different and yet it was the same, for we had chosen to dance this dance together. In the silence we couldn’t make excuses or tell a story, we had to sit with what was. Knowing what we had said over the last few days had spoken volumes. We has spun a web of illusion playing the game of neediness, entrapment and then abandonment. Our words spoke of commitment and connection but our hearts told another story. The story that was not told, was felt in those moment between the words, but blindly believing the words we continued to dance. This dance spoke of a projected future that will never be available not if we continued to dance this dance. We are both attached to illusion of what our lives could look like and how this person could give us what we think we want. We also know that that the only thing holding us back from this dream becoming reality is our own inability to face our own shadow.

Sitting in silence with someone you are forced to face your inner story or you choose to sit with awareness. You see the story no longer has power in this space. We can’t convince the other of something, you can’t manipulate or control in silence. You can just be, and if you keep telling the story in your head you will see the story for what it is or you will get angry and frustrated. To sit in absolute awareness, to feel your breath, focusing inside you, feeling each thought as it arises. Knowing that the thought holds no power without a voice, or that by continuing to feed the thought will not change anything. The story we tell ourselves is our story and as long as we believe it or try to convince someone else of it we give it control.

Silence is an amazing tool that we can use to truly connect with someone. The language of true connection manifests through our energetic bodies. The language of the heart needs no words but instead presence and a deep awareness of self. Channelling our energy to engage beyond the physical. Embrace silence, feel into it, be it!



Shiva stands firm in his power, pure love.
Through the storms of life he is the pillar.
Don’t repeate the sins of our fathers and slink into the cave and cover our heart underground.
Being lead by Shakti, kicking and screaming all the way.
Giving our power away.
Stand firm on the path, know the path even when it’s dark.
Put one foot in front of the other and step into our power.
Be the pillar of strength for Shakti to work her magic.
Be the sea anchor through the storms of Shakti.
Face the storms head on and allow them to pass through you.
Trust the path and grow in the living.
Enough hiding!
Presence, expansion, connection…
The sins of the father are taking a back seat,
Exploring and transcending the shadow…
We have the power now to break the chains that have been enslaving the masculine.
Embody that change now!


Do you also feel the gentle pull?
The spark that keeps you alive in me.
Do you also have those moments of longing?
Holding you present even when we are not in contact.
Do you think of me and wonder?

Why do we play this game?
Why do we not just make it happen?
What is holding us back?
Have we run our course?
What is the next step?
If we both feel it and don’t act on it how can we advance?


Feeling intimately the depths of connection,
The depths of love,
Pure love and connection,
Feeling the tug of emotion,
The draw of her breath,
The innocence of her smile,
The way her hair falls across her face,
Gently exploring her face,
Tracing the lines of her smile,
Feeling the energy between us as electric,
The soul responds with quivers and shakes,
The polarity of our souls dancing,
Her yin igniting my yang,
This dance was not physical but energetic and emotional,
A gift from the universe,
A showing of what the future holds,

The Dance

I can see why we chose this dance,
The longing for truth,
The ache to grow,
The need for connection,
But fearing letting go fully,
Wanting to feel safe enough to let go,
Feeling scared to let go,
Feeling scared to face the journey alone,
Feeling that letting go and surrendering must be supported externally,
Longing for freedom yet being attached to our pain,
As the dance plays out we expand seperate and then merge back together,
We choose our dancing partner subconsciously,
With awakening we dance from a different place,
As we heal our hurts we expand our hearts,
We see that to dance through life there are many partners,
All dancers in this dance have lessons to teach us,
Some are painful,
Others are expanding,
We must be grateful for every dancer that we meet!


OMG how amazing is life!
How perfect it unfolds,
With impeccable timing the truths land,
The miracle of transformation ever present,
Around every corner,
In every moment,
With gratitude and love my heart expands and contracts,
Awake, attentive, ever expanding,
Surrender and let go to attract and create,
Stepping into the void of uncertainty we step into ourselves,
With this leap the universe catches us and nurtures us,
Face our shadow and burst through it.
We are constantly awakening into absolute perfection.

The Garden

Can you meet me in that place,

It’s out in the wilderness,

In the depths of the Forrest of the heart,

It’s a place where the purity of the connection is like the Virgin snow,

To be able to leave the muddied ego at the door,

Pouring yourself fully into the connection like a raging waterfall. 

Allowing the innocent rabbit of honesty to run through the field.

Connecting with the tenacity of the salmon swimming up stream.

Cultivating The garden of the connection,

Allowing no weeds to take root,

Culminating in the blossoming of new life. 

Sitting in the fire

The feeling is like drowning, my body is so alive and yet so terrified.
Each breath pulling my mind away from the madness.
The madness creeping back in the space between the breaths.
Control slips away in that split second of loss of awareness.
It jumps straight back into hell.
The fires licking the depths of my soul.
Knowing that awareness and presence are the key to unlock this jail.
Mind filling with projected thoughts and realities.
Knowing that they are not true, but feeling that they are true.
The depth of this pain is unbelievable and yet I know that this depth is not a reality, its a projected interpretation of what I fear the most. This fear feels alive in my heart and I “believe” every second of it.
I am powerful, I am alive, I am in this world and I am of this world. I know that this power is real and that to be centred is the ideal situation. These are the deep ebbs of our existence. They are just as amazing as the high peaks we hit. Sit in this moment and don’t run away into the fantasy that I have projected. I have no power over anything else but myself. This illusion of power is a theme that has played out in my life. Its called control not power. I need to be in control and that control is what controls me…

I saw

I saw you!
I drank your essence!
I tasted what could be!
I believed the tale you told!

I saw you!
I saw the truth!
I saw what was right in front of me!
I saw your soul!
I saw the hope in the tale!

I saw the disconnect!
I saw the game for what it was!
In seeing the game I saw how I was playing the same game!

I felt the connection!
I felt the truth!
I knew the truth belonged to another tale.
We painted the tale into the night sky!
We wove our dreams on that rooftop!

Your path is ahead and I will not play the game anymore!
You have seen my truth!
You have felt my presence!
Stand now in the fire and define your path!
Fight for what is right and live with fierceness.